We believe that in order to excel, we must fine-tune our skills as individuals, as leaders, as teachers and as mentors. That is why we have designed several different workshops to give you the tools and information you need to be an effective and influential leader.


"Success Training" 1 Day Workshop

Effective and influential communication is crucial in running a successful business. In order for leaders to build strong bonds and trust with their employees, partners and clients, they must first master the art of effective communication. Successful leaders and businesses are built on a foundation of trust gained by their employees and partners. This trust is attained when a leader can successfully deliver information in an effective and positive manner. 

During the Success Training workshop, participants will learn:

  • Skills required to navigate difficult conversations

  • Identifying personality types and learning how to work with each one

  • How to adjust your current leadership skills to effectively communicate with these varying personality types

  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback

  • Skills to effectively lead and influence conversations and outcomes

"Leadership Development" 2 Day Workshop

In addition to covering the topics as outlined in our “Success Training” workshop, participants will also learn the following skills and tools needed to become an effective, influential and successful leader:

  • Skills to plan, set, prioritize and achieve daily, monthly and yearly goals both personally and professionally

  • Maintaining open lines of communication

  • Identify crisis situations before they arise and/or before they escalate

  • Implementing tools to maintain and structure a successfully working daily, monthly and yearly calendar 

Additionally, participants will take part in a meditation and stress reduction session, learning tools they can use daily in order to relax, clear their minds and re-focus.