~ Jens Casten, Mental Coach

Jens is a passionate mental coach and speaker who has worked with countless individuals and teams teaching them how to overcome adversity and live their best lives. Having began his coaching and speaking career over 20 years ago when he played professional hockey, Jens realized that once his professional sporting career was over, coaching and speaking were a natural fit and transition for him.   

Authority on Mental Strength, Motivation, and Inspiration


With 21 years of professional hockey experience, Jens has mentored and coached athletes, and has taken great pride in the positive influence and change that he has brought to their lives. Through this process, Jens realized that one of his true passions was helping athletes overcome mental blocks that were hindering them from being the best they can be in both their personal and athletic lives. Jens speaks to groups of athletes to motivate them, to inspire them, and to share stories about overcoming adversity, but mainly the mental aspect is what he focuses on. Having grown up in the sporting world as a high performance athlete, he knows what it truly means to ‘have your head in the game’, and has made it his mission to help other athletes be fully IN.

Jens has not only worked with all athletes, from beginner to NHL level, but has also enjoyed giving inspirational and motivational talks. Leaning on real-life stories and experiences, Jens is relatable, engaging and authentic which has all contributed to his great success. 

Most athletic coaches agree that having a strong “mental game” is vitally important to team success. In make or break moments of game play, it is usually the athletes mental game that gets in the way and causes less than stellar results, however, for an athlete who has the mental tools to quickly and easily get back into the game, this is what defines the Allstar athletes from the juniors.

Jens provides a comprehensive program, focused on developing all aspects of the mental game. His program includes emotional, behavioural and performance elements, and he teaches each athlete how to utilize these skills in high pressure, split second moments of the game. Being able to assess the situation, your mental state and make all or nothing decisions is a skill that must be perfected, and Jens is here to teach you how to use those skills and put them into action.

Some of the areas that will be covered include:









There are a variety of factors that play into an athletes mental game such as their state of mind, concerns, stresses, thoughts, or such factors as teammates, competitors, their player stats, spectators etc. The first step is to take all of these factors into consideration and identifying them as internal or external factors. From there, an action plan is put into place, and an individualized program is developed.


In addition to working with athletes and teams in North America, BTM coaches in an international landscape working with athletes around the globe. We have worked with players in Germany, Australia, England, Sweden, and are working to extend our reach further into Europe and the UAE.