Jens began his speaking career at the early age of 18 when he was a professional hockey player in Europe, giving motivational speeches to young and aspiring athletes. His speaking career grew organically from there as he started giving speeches to hockey parents, and coaches. After a career-ending injury in his 21st season, Jens decided to transition into a more corporate setting, and so he became a keynote speaker and business coach, speaking in front of, and working with individuals of all personal and professional backgrounds including executives and senior level leaders. Keeping in touch with his passion for hockey, Jens continues to work with countless professional athletes who are transitioning from their professional sporting careers to life after sports, which includes both current and former NHL athletes.

Over the years, Jens has partnered with organizations such as Sears, Shoot for a Cure, and to speak about leadership, leadership development, and business development. In addition to speaking and coaching, Jens also donates much of his time to not-for-profit organizations that are close to his heart like Ronald McDonald House and the Heart & Stroke Foundation. 

Most Requested Keynote Presentations

  • Be a Leader, Not a Boss –(Keynote) A presentation on leadership and business development tailored to individuals who are in charge of managing others

  • Living Your Best Life -(Keynote) Hot to live an inspired and fulfilling life

  • Reaching For Gold –(Keynote) What it takes to have a career as a professional athlete


Executive Consulting & Coaching

Our executive consulting and coaching services support your top talent in encouraging and promoting growth and success by leveraging their strengths, optimizing their skills and uncovering weaknesses. Our structured program delivers information efficiently and effectively to each client, allowing him or her to apply the information in an easy and practical manner.

Through a strong and trusted partnership, we work with each client to create a tailor made program to fully uncover our clients potential and address challenges in order to achieve their desired goals. Whether it is planning for a career transition or preparing for an immediate breakthrough, we are here to guide, coach and support individuals through this period of growth.

Group Coaching

As with the one-on-one coaching sessions, we successfully deliver practical and effective information in the group coaching sessions in a way that makes sense. Our attendees come together to learn leadership skills they can utilize immediately. They can easily apply the information and tools they are given to aid in heightened levels of productivity and success.  

Through interactive group sessions, attendees participate in discussions and activities focused on goal setting, deepening awareness around key issues, taking action, and accountability. Designed to encourage open communication group coaching is an efficient way to address the topics and issues at hand.

Online Coaching 

Through our online coaching programs we have expanded our reach globally to service clients anytime, anywhere. We facilitate personalized sessions by way of webcam to offer a 'face-to-face' experience. We understand that not everyone can physically meet in person, even if located in the same city, so we offer an alternative to make your life easier. 

Leadership Outcomes

Although every client and every coaching program is unique to the individual and business, here are a few outcomes pervious participants have successfully taken away from their Executive and Group Coaching experiences:

  • Identify natural talents and convert them to strengths

  • Recognize and address areas of improvement  

  • Deliver information in an effective, influential and positive manner

  • Refine leadership skills for optimal team building and employee management  

  • Improve personal organization and time management skills

  • Refine communication skills for improved workplace relationships 

  • Better business performance and better results

  • Better employee and executive cohesiveness

  • Improved personal contribution and productivity


We believe that in order to excel, we must fine-tune our skills as individuals, as leaders, as teachers and as mentors. That is why we have designed several different workshops to give you the tools and information you need to be an effective and influential leader.


"Success Training" 1 Day Workshop

Effective and influential communication is crucial in running a successful business. In order for leaders to build strong bonds and trust with their employees, partners and clients, they must first master the art of effective communication. Successful leaders and businesses are built on a foundation of trust gained by their employees and partners. This trust is attained when a leader can successfully deliver information in an effective and positive manner. 

During the Success Training workshop, participants will learn:

  • Skills required to navigate difficult conversations

  • Identifying personality types and learning how to work with each one

  • How to adjust your current leadership skills to effectively communicate with these varying personality types

  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback

  • Skills to effectively lead and influence conversations and outcomes


"Leadership Development" 2 Day Workshop

In addition to covering the topics as outlined in our “Success Training” workshop, participants will also learn the following skills and tools needed to become an effective, influential and successful leader:

  • Skills to plan, set, prioritize and achieve daily, monthly and yearly goals both personally and professionally

  • Maintaining open lines of communication

  • Identify crisis situations before they arise and/or before they escalate

  • Implementing tools to maintain and structure a successfully working daily, monthly and yearly calendar 

Additionally, participants will take part in a meditation and stress reduction session, learning tools they can use daily in order to relax, clear their minds and re-focus.